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11/08/2019 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – Philippine priests and nuns led a march on November 5 in solidarity with those who are victims of social injustices. The government reportedly has made attempts to silence and attack its critics, pushing many into further action.

A number of faithful from the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines led a procession through the Manila suburb known as Quezon City protesting the government’s continued human rights infractions. It was proceeded by a celebration of the Eucharist in support of those who had been wronged by the standing government. The candle-lit march was intended to merely raise public awareness of the government’s harsh repression of critics.

Father Cortez, spokesman of the AMRS, commented saying “let us not forget the reason why the Church is being persecuted now. It is because we stand for victims of injustices.” A solidarity Mass is scheduled for December 10th in observance of the International Human Rights Day.

The government responded with indignation, labeling Father Cortez as an anti-government conspirator and branding numerous Christian organizations as “Communist fronts”. The Protestant organization of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines was in particular branded as a “attack to the Christian faith and tradition.”

Efforts to continue to care and provide for the poor of the islands in the midst internal drug management conflicts and speaking out against the government for marginalizing the civilian victims of the fighting are earning the Catholic Church a mixed reputation in the Islands. Nevertheless, the activities and projects of the Church are remaining strong in the face of growing governmental pressure, as more solidarity masses and other events have been and are still being scheduled for the near future.

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