Widow Shares Her Faith After Losing Her Husband to al-Shabaab

By Nathan Johnson

11/06/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)Moving through the steep Kenyan countryside, International Christian Concern (ICC) met a jovial Peninah Ngui, looking after her herd of goats. ICC brought her the goats and other assistance shortly after her she lost her husband Fredrick Ngui to the Somali-based terror group, al-Shabaab. She has been caring for her 3-year-old son, Stephen Ngui since the gruesome attack took place in Garissa in September 2018.

Fredrick was executed by the Somali-based terror group, al-Shabaab. The terrorists flagged down the passenger bus Fredrick was riding from Garissa to Masalani as he was returning home to his young wife and child. After separating Christians from the group, the murderous insurgents commanded them to deny Christ and recite the Islamic creed, the Shahada. Along with one other passenger, Fredrick refused to denounce Jesus Christ, prompting the assailants to shoot him.

Peninah, 25, is thankful for a supportive community around her. She explained, “I have received immense support from the church and my family members. Fredrick’s family has been a pillar to my life and the welfare of my son. We have been cared for and loved. Although there is nothing that can fill the gap my husband left in our hearts, we thank God for the gift of a wonderful family and a church that has been praying for us.

She continues to testify about overcoming grief and keeping the faith amidst loss and despair. She continued, “Life has not been without challenges. Sometimes I get depressed and lock myself inside the house and cry for hours. The days have been long; the nights have been lonely. There is no single day that goes by without thinking about him. I remember him as a great man of faith who served God through music and youth ministry. He died while defending the Christian faith and I hope that he will rise again in glory on the last day.

“I remember him as a great man of faith who served God through music and youth ministry. He died while defending the Christian faith and I hope that he will rise again in glory on the last day.”

Peninah has become a source of inspiration to the other widows in the community, urging them to seek refuge in God alone. She has been witnessing to people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she is stopping at nothing to see more souls come to the Kingdom.

The same spirit my husband portrayed is the same spirit I have been living by since his courageous death.” Peninah explained, “I will continue to stand for Christ regardless of the many challenges that can easily keep someone’s eyes away from the faith. He died in the hands of the merciless killers who never cared whether he had a family. The only way I can prove to the world that there is living hope in Christ is by lighting my candle and letting it shine as a testimony of God’s saving grace.”

She ended by saying a eulogy to his fallen husband, “I always pray that our son will come to know Christ and become a bold witness just like his father was, and that many shall come to salvation through his life and ministry. For the rest of our days on earth, we shall always live with the memories Fredrick left us. May his soul continue resting in peace.

Al-Shabaab has taken the lives of many faithful believers throughout the past decade, but will never be able to take their faith. Pray for Peninah and the many other women like her who are facing life without their husbands. Pray for them to rest in the hope and love of Christ as their savior and to do as Peninah has, using her wounds to help spread the Gospel.

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