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11/05/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Omar al-Bashir, the recently deposed dictator of Sudan, has been on trial for corruption charges in the country’s highest courts. The trial has been ongoing since it started in mid-August. Since the erstwhile ruler was deposed, many international organizations, as well as his former enimies in the country have called on the new government in Sudan to allow Bashir to be tried by the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity during the fighting in Darfur.

Bashir has long been accused of these crimes which include the killing of thousands of civilians under the guise of stopping the rebel groups. So far though, there has been no movement forward by Sudan to turn him over to the international organization. This has led to speculations by some that the trial will not be fair nor will it hold him accountable for the many atrocities that occurred during his regime.

Recently, the Forces of Freedom and Change alliance, the coalition of protesters that ultimately toppled Bashir’s reign, said that they had “no objection” to turning him over to the international court. “We have no objection in handing over Bashir to the ICC,” Ibrahim Al-Sheikh, a leader of protest group, told reporters late on Sunday. “All the members of the Forces of Freedom and Change agree on that.” The groups also have continued protesting to hold the transitional Military council leaders accountable for the deaths of over 100 people in June during crackdowns. An investigation was promised by Prime Minister Hamdok, but has yet to happen.

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