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11/04/2019 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Conflict as a consequence of the Turkish invasion into northern Syria last month has intensified in the Khabur river region, areas which are home to a large pocket of Christians.

The Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released an announcement on Sunday that they are deploying Assyrian Christian forces to provide security in the Khabur region. A particular emphasis is being placed on the town of Tal Tamer, which is home to Assyrian Christians who escaped the Turkish genocide in the early 1900s. Reports indicate that Turkish Sponsored Opposition (TSOs) groups are increasing their activities near Tal Tamer.

Two members of the Free Burma Rangers were injured near Tal Tamer, with one later succumbing to his injuries. The Free Burma Rangers is a Christian relief organization that provides medical care in conflict zones. The injuries were obtained by a mortar shell which specifically targeted an area where medics were staging.

Meanwhile in Tal Abyad, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has confirmed that the homes of Armenian Christians have been confiscated by Turkish backed opposition groups.

According to Father Nidal Thomas, a priest in the Chaldean Church in Hassake, at least 300 Christians have fled towns in northeastern Syria. However, he warns that no one is sure of what is actually happening with the conflict and fear is rampant.

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