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Burkina Faso Suffers Another Attack

10/28/2019 Burkina Faso (International Christian Concern) – On Saturday, October 26, unknown gunmen stormed the village of Pobe Mengao in northern Burkina Faso. During the attack, over a dozen people were reportedly killed and many others are still missing. Those who are missing are suspected to have been abducted.

This village is in an area known as Soum. This area has been targeted by Jihadist groups on multiple occasions this year alone. Northern Burkina Faso has become a hotbed of Islamic Extremism activity that has pushed south from Mali across the very porous border. In many of the attacks that have taken place this year, Christians have been singled out and killed. So far, reports have not shown whether those killed and taken during this attack were specifically Christian, but fears will only continue to rise for the Christian populace if these attacks are not stopped.

Tens of thousands have been displaced from small villages and rural areas in Northern Burkina Faso this year. Many Christians have fled with their families to safer areas, either in the south, or to bigger cities. The Burkinabe government have taken steps to try and quell these attacks, but have had a hard time in stopping all of them due to the guerrilla nature of these jihadist attacks. Please pray for wisdom for the Burkina Faso government and safety for the people in the Northern part of the country.

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