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10/23/2019 Kenya (International Christian Concern) – According to Morningstar News, three years ago, Zinabu Mohammad and her husband, Ibrahim Juma, made the courageous and dangerous decision to leave Islam. After becoming Christians in June 2016, they started having secret worship meetings in their house. Despite Kenya being a predominately Christian country, they had to keep these meetings secret because they feared their families’ reaction and that of the community around them. They are from the small village of Madogo in Garissa County.

Their fears came to fruition this spring when an unknown group of people set fire to their house late one night. According to Juma, who was there that night, “At around midnight, I heard a noise close to the homestead,” Juma said. “Peeping through the window, I saw more than six people wearing masks approaching my house, and I knew that we were not safe at all. I quickly woke up my children, and we fled out the rear door.” Thankfully, Juma and his two youngest children were able to escape out the back door before anything happened. Zinabu was away that night at a Christian conference in Nairobi, the article states.

Since the attack, the family has been living in fear for their lives. Juma again stated that his relatives have been calling him and leaving threatening messages “demanding that we return to Islam if life is to go on well with us.” Despite this, they have not forsaken their newfound faith. They have asked for prayers as they continue to move from one location to the next for security reasons. “We earnestly need prayers for the peace of the family and to grow in the Christian faith,” Juma said. Please continue to pray for this family and those like them who suffer at the hands of relatives and their communities.

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