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10/22/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – A Sudan case against eight pastors that was supposed to be closed, continues. In August 2017, eight pastors were arrested for trespassing on church property. A government committee, that supposedly has control over all religious properties, ordered these leaders to turn over control of the Sudanese Church of Christ. When they refused, they were arrested and charged. Then in August 2018, a Sudanese judge determined that this case had no criminal jurisdiction. He claimed that this was an administrative situation and dropped all charges against the pastors.

This decision was celebrated as a uniquely unbiased decision. It was short lived however. Just a year after this, in August 2019, the Supreme Court of Sudan decided that this case was under criminal jurisdiction and reopened the case. This meant that these eight pastors could be re-arrested and re tried for their alleged crimes. Now two months later, they are still fighting this battle. Despite growing hope for democracy and freedom in Sudan, the court system is still trying to suppress Christianity.

The charges against these eight men must be dropped immediately. They must be allowed to openly and freely run their churches without fear of harassment and detainment. If this does not happen, it will show that the new government in Sudan has not truly made the steps towards democracy that it is claiming.

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