Woman in Benue Claims Fulani Militants Cut off Her Hand

10/21/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Mrs Grace Zeku Gboogyo village in the Guma Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria, ran into her local village after being attacked by men she claimed were Fulani militants. According to a local who spoke with the The PunchNG identified only as Terlumun, “the woman said her attackers told her to place her hand on a log of wood before cutting it off.” Terlumun added, “The woman ran into the village crying and told us that the herdsmen took the hand and ran away. here are machete wounds one her head too.” The attack took place on Monday, October 14th.

Gboogyo village is located in Guma Local Government Area, which is on the outside edge of Benue state, near Nasarawa State. Ever since Nov. 2017, when Benue State enacted its Anti-Open Grazing Bill, the interior of the state has become much more secure, seeing far less violence. This has not protected those on the northern borders of the state however. Neither Nasarawa or Taraba States, both of which border Benue, have enacted any legislation limiting the travel of migrant herders. This has meant that there is still violence in Northern Benue.

Though the reason for the attack is still unclear, it yet another instance of violence going unchecked in Nigeria. These types of attacks are daily, and holding the perpetrators accountable is very rare. This may be due to the remote locations that these attacks take place, mixed with the very centralized running of all security forces, which significantly slows down their reaction time. It however clearly shows a lack of either care or competence on the Nigerian governments side. They must do a better job at protecting their citizens.

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