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10/20/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Omar served as a sweeper for eight years in Pakistan. During his time in this position, he was never allowed a day off; he was a forced laborer, not an employee. On Christmas Day 2017, he didn’t come to work. When he returned the next day, he was beaten by his co-workers. In January, he submitted an application for two days leave to attend a prayer festival; however, when he returned, he was fired. After a year of pressure to provide for his family, as well as severe mental stress from discrimination and the difficult job search, Omar passed away in November 2018.

ICC stepped in and set up a small corner store for his family to run, as a means to provide income and alleviate the financial strain on the family in the midst of their grief. Omar’s mother and brother received the sup­port to establish the business, and now manage the store.

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