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10/18/2019 North Korea (International Christian Concern) – A North Korean defector studying in South Korea’s elite university wants to fight for the freedom of North Koreans, until all of them “get the freedom they deserve.”

Ilyong Ju, whose entire family escaped North Korea, is a Christian who was one of the survivors of religious persecution invited to the White House in July to meet with President Trump.

He told the human rights group Liberty in North Korea, where he served as an advocacy fellow, that he is grateful for the opportunity he has, and wants to become a human rights lawyer to help save his fellow citizens.

“My friends are still starving and are dying in North Korea. Still, now,” Ju said. “So I decided that I have to do something for them.” For that, he wants to work to protect the rights of North Korean people, so that one day people don’t have to escape anymore.

Ju’s relatives are kept behind bars for their Christian belief at this moment in North Korea, but he shared an encouraging note.

“[…] even though the persecution of Kim Jong Un, the North Korean citizens, they…want gospel and they are worshipping in underground churches right now, and even a few weeks ago we have a message from North Korean underground churches and they sent a photo of the wood. Three of them are gathered there and they were praying for South Korea,” Ju told Trump.

President Trump, in return, said that he will bring up the issue in his talks with North Korea.

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