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10/17/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – According to the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), a Christian couple, who recently converted to Christianity from Hinduism, was forced out of their family home after their adult son discovered their conversion in India.

Sultan Digwal and his wife, Champa, converted to Christianity after the wife was miraculously cured of a 12-year continual bleed, BPCA reports. This couple was inspired by the New Testament story in which a woman was healed of a similar condition when she touched Jesus’ cloak in the Gospel of Matthew.

When the couple’s son, Rohtas, discovered that his parents had converted to Christianity, and were regularly attending worship at the local church, he became very upset. According to BPCA, Rohtas beat his parents and evicted them from the family home. The Christian couple found shelter with a local pastor who also provided financial support to cover several medical bills.

Religious conversions, especially from Hinduism to Christianity, can often cause controversy in India. Radical Hindu nationalists have labeled Christianity as a foreign faith and something that is “anti-Indian”. Unless narratives like this are countered, family disputes caused by individuals exercising their rights to religious freedom will continue to be reported in India.

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