ICC Provides Livestock for Christian Widow in Kenya

10/16/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Terrorist attacks that struck a Kenyan vil­lage in 2017 devastated several families, putting many women and children in particu­lar in need of assistance. Sarah is one of these women. During the attack, Sarah lost her hus­band who was the breadwinner of the family, leaving her to raise 11 children on her own.

ICC heard about Sarah’s predicament and stepped into assist her. ICC provided Sarah with nine goats and a raised pen to protect the goats from wild animals at night. ICC continued to offer monitoring assistance by ensuring that veterinarians cared for the goats so that they were healthy enough to produce milk for Sarah to start a business to provide for her children.

“The Lord has been so good to us despite the challenges of losing my husband and struggling to take care of my family alone. Today, I have seen the hand of God again, and I am so grateful for the goat project that well-wishers have blessed me with. In just a few months, the goats will reproduce and I will be selling milk to the villagers. Goat milk is very costly due to its nutritional value and this is going to be a lucrative venture,” Sarah said, while thanking ICC for the assistance.

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