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10/15/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – On Oct 5, Bartholomew David decided to drop his sister off at the train station in Akilbu, Kaduna State, Nigeria according to MorningStar News. After dropping his sister, he picked up another lady and was giving her a ride back to Kaduna, when they were accosted by gunmen. These gunmen stopped the car, pulled the passengers from the vehicle and dragged them into the bush.

According to the story of the female passenger, the gunmen, who were Fulani, then shot Bartholomew and left him in the bushes. It is not described how the young lady was able to escape the kidnappers, but when she did, she told the story to other locals Christians who were able to report it to MorningStar. She told this local that they were attacked because they were Christians. This killing and attempted kidnapping continues the disturbing trend in Kaduna State.

So far there have not been any reports of arrest or detainment for this attack. It will likely go down as another murder that has no justice or care from the government in Nigeria. These attacks must be stopped and those committing them must be held accountable. There will be no peace in Nigeria until the government start to protect all of its citizens equally. Please pray for the family of Bartholomew who is surely hurting today.

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