Imprisoned Iranian Left Behind in Jail

10/13/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) – A group of five Iranian Christian men arrested in December 2017 have been separated. Four of the men have completed their jail sentences, but the fifth still has nearly one year left before his release.

Yaghoob Nateghi, Milad Goodarzi, Amin Khaki, Alireza Nourmohamadi and Shahebedin Shahi were all arrested as part of a series of Christmas raids conducted by the authorities in Iran. These raids are a common tactic used by the government to disrupt and intimidate the church into silence during the Christian holiday.

They were all released on bail a few months later after paying approximately $7,000 each. Four of the men were sentenced to four months in prison. However, Amin Khaki was sentenced to an additional 10 months because of a prior conviction. They were all charged with “propaganda against the state.”

Iran rates as a Tier 1 Country of Particular Concern by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. As an Islamic Republic, anything that doesn’t conform to the regime’s strict interpretation of Islam is viewed as a national security threat. For this reason, persecution of Christians has only increased in frequency and harshness.

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