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10/13/2019 Ethiopia (International Christian Concern) – This past week, the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. When the prize was awarded on Friday, Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Berit Reiss-Andersen said Abiy had “reached out his hand” creating a peace process with Eritrea and giving many Ethiopians a “better life and brighter future.” This work comes after nearly two decades of strife and war with their brothers to the north. He also helped ease tensions with Egypt, and brought hope to smaller ethnic tribes for the future. All of this was in his first year as prime minister.

Despite all of this, there is still a long way to go before Ethiopia has resolved many of its biggest problems. Currently, ethnic tensions are on the rise. Groups of protestors in the Oromo and Sidama regions fo the country have started attacking and destroying government places as well as orthodox churches. These places are all tied to what the people see as extensions of the Amharic people’s power, the ethnic group who is the largest and has controlled the government for years.

Since July 2018, at least 30 churches have been attacked, and there are reports that more than 100 Christians have been killed. This is likely not due to their religious affiliation though. It is likely due to the political situation in Ethiopia at this time. The minorities have seen the changes that Prime Minister Ahmed has brought and wish to see the same for themselves. Please pray for the people of Ethiopia as they go through some large changes. Pray for the prime Minister to have strength, faith and wisdom as he continue to strive for a safer and more peaceful future.

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