Preacher Suspended for Refusing to Curse Taiwan President in Prayer

10/11/2019 China (International Christian Concern) – A Three-Self church in China’s Liaoning province suspended one of its preachers, a graduate from the Alliance Bible Seminary in Hong Kong, for her objection to curse Taiwan’s President with prayer during gathering.

The Chinese government is ultra-sensitive when it comes to Hong Kong and Taiwan, given the ongoing Hong Kong protests against the Beijing-backed autonomous government, and the self-ruled country Taiwan which is seen by Beijing as a “renegade province.”

According to Bitter Winter, this preacher was reported to authorities in August, as she was deemed “anti-Party and anti-government.” Members of the church told the magazine that four days after she made the comments, officials from the local State Security Bureau came to speak with the preacher, in particular, about her views on Hong Kong and Taiwan. She was also asked whether she recently had any dealings with house churches and Hong Kong Christians or publicly remarked about Hong Kong and the “riots” there.

Due to government pressure, the church’s management committee issued a notice, punishing the preacher with suspension.

The verdict reads: “[The preacher] is clear on truth and has no bad habits, but she made remarks on a sensitive topic, causing trouble for the government and the Church. At the government’s request, this person, who has associations with the Alliance Bible Seminary, has been suspended. She will not receive wages during the period of suspension and spiritual cultivation.”

According to local sources, the preacher has left the locality of the church.

This shows that the political stance of state-vetted churches and preachers have become a major standard to evaluate their “performance.” They have to be in line with the party’s line in order to continue their work at church.

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