Four Christians Kidnapped, One Killed in Kaduna, Nigeria

10/11/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Less than two weeks after suspected Fulani militants  attacked a school in Kaduna State, kidnapping 6 girls and two teachers, another similar attack has taken place in the same county. On Oct 7, 2019, suspected Fulani militants attacked the village of Ungwan Barau in Kaduna State, Nigeria. During the attack, the assailants killed one lady named, Ezra Haruna, a member of Godiya Baptist Church and kidnapped another 4 individuals from that same church.

The four who were kidnapped were Jummai Ido, the church pastor’s wife, as well as Luka Auta, Sale Auta and Yakubu Audu. These four are still missing at this time. There have not been ransom demands yet, but they are likely to come as kidnapping has become a lucrative business in Northern Nigeria.

However, the government of Kaduna has stated that these attacks are being committed by bandits who are linked to Boko Haram. According to some of their intelligence, Boko Haram is looking to kidnap children from schools throughout Nigeria, as this is what will get them back in the news.

No matter what the source of these attacks are, the government in Nigeria is again proving to be completely ineffective in their fight against lawlessness and violence. Boko Haram has seen a resurgence despite continued military actions, and the militant crisis throughout the Middle Belt of Nigeria has been continually ignored. Please pray for the safety of all Christians who are again being targeted by radical groups in Kaduna State and throughout Nigeria.

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