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10/10/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Pastor Samuel, who has led worship in his southern Indian village for 14 years, was delighted when he was able to build his church four years ago. However, his delight turned to sorrow when unknown assailants torched the building in April.

A person walking by the church noticed thick smoke drifting through the air. Upon discovering flames raging across the altar, the person rushed to notify Pastor Samuel. Unfortunately, they were not able to make it back in time. When they returned, they found the charred remains of Bibles, musical instruments, the pulpit, and audio-visual equipment. The Christians in the rural village knew immediately that they could not afford to replace the damaged items.

When ICC heard about the destruction of the church’s property, we moved quickly to offer assistance. We replaced the chairs, windows, and musical instruments that the arsonist had destroyed. Later, during a trip to India, ICC’s Regional Manager for South Asia visited Pastor Samuel and his church. Pastor Samuel expressed, “The assistance has encouraged the church, knowing that through God’s people, God’s work is continuing. Several people visited and promised that they would render help to undo the damage; many did not keep their prom­ise, but ICC came forward and helped us with materials.”

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