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10/08/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Unknown gunmen attacked a school in Kaduna State on Oct 3, 2019. During the attack, the offenders kidnapped six students and two teachers from the boarding school in the embattled Middle Belt State. Engravers College is in a remote area near the village of Kakau Daji in Kaduna state. According to the local police authorities, there is no idea who the attackers are, but there are two main groups that conduct these kinds of kidnappings in Nigeria. These two groups are Boko Haram, both factions, and Fulani Militants.

Though it is not assured as no group has claimed the attack, it is likely that one of these two groups is responsible. Boko Haram became infamous worldwide after they kidnapped over 270 girls from Chibok Nigeria in a similar fashion. They also then kidnapped more than 100 girls last year from Dapchi Nigeria. They do not often do this in the Middle Belt though. This makes it more likely that Fulani Militants were responsible.

This year there has been a lot of attack on Christian villages in Kaduna State Nigeria by Fulani Militants. Hundreds of Christians and others have been killed during these attacks. There have also been dozens of kidnappings of pastors and other Christians that have led to tens of thousands of dollars in ransoms. Please pray for the safety of those living in this violent and unpredictable area. Also please pray for the 6 girls and two teachers who have been taken from their family and friends.

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