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10/07/2019 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – A lawmaker at Malaysia’s Pasir Mas suggests that the government should amend the Federal Constitution to make the Sunni denomination the only permissible school of Islam in the country, placing Sunni Islam as the only official religion.

Pasir Mas MP Ahmad Fadhli Shaari also wants to ensure that only followers of that school of thought are allowed to hold top government posts.

At the Malay Dignity Congress yesterday, Shaari also said that only Sunni Muslims should be made ministers of key portfolios such as religious affairs and claimed there was no need to be apologetic to non-Muslims.

In response, a vocal Muslim activist, Dr. Ahmad Farouk Musa said Shaari’s proposal yesterday was “totally absurd” and “out of context with reality”, adding that it goes against the spirit of the nation’s founding fathers.

“At their heart was the intent and desire to create a pluralistic and equal society,” Farouk told Free Malaysia Today.

Article 3 (1) of the Malaysian Constitution states: “Islam is the religion of the federation, but other religions may be practiced in peace and harmony in any part of the federation.”

He added that the Reid Commission which drafted the constitution had said that the statement did not imply that the state is theocratic or non-secular in nature.

He is concerned that there is a rise of hatred against non-Sunni Muslims in the country. “Are we sliding into a Sunni authoritarian state that not only goes against the spirit of our founding fathers but also against universal human rights values?” he asked.

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