Christian Mother in Somalia Flees Family in Fear for Life

10/07/2019 Somalia (International Christian Concern) – According to MorningStar News, Sa’aada Hussein secretly became a Christian in the late 2000’s despite living in Somalia, one of the world’s most hostile countries to Christians. She stated that she converted after being interested in reading books other than the Quran that were held as holy by Islam, including the gospels and Psalms. After reading these, she put her faith in Christ. Then in 2010, she married a young Muslim man, but never told him about her Christian Faith. During this time, she stopped openly following for a few years, but recommitted herself to Christ in 2017

They lived together and had two children between then and early 2019, when Sa’aada thought it would be okay to ask her husband for a bible. She believed that he was not a faithful Muslim as her chewed a forbidden plant called Khat. Instead, he was very upset. He told her that she could not have one and then told their extended family that she was a Christian.

The family called her to a gathering to judge her for reading the Bible. Instead of going or converting, Sa’aada fled for her life. She left her husband, children and life behind, knowing that the judgement would likely be deadly for her. She is now living in a completely different part of Somalia without any family or support. This is especially hard for women who have been divorced as she has been. Please pray for Sa’aada to remain safe and strong. Somalia ranks as the 2nd worst country in the world for Christians on Open Door’s World Watch List.

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