Christian Family Forced into Hiding Following Assault in Northern India

10/07/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – On September 22, a Christian family in India’s Haryana state was brutally attacked by a mob of radical Hindu nationalists. As a result of the attack and further false criminal accusations, the Christian family has fled into hiding.

Pastor Mangala, a retired pastor, his wife, Sarla, and two sons, Abhishek and Raj, were brutally attacked by a mob of radicals in the early evening of September 22. According to local reports, the attack was instigated by a recent court decision in which a Hindu group was denied permission to erect a Hindu idol on the property of a Christian school run by Pastor Mangala.

Pastor Mangala reported the incident to local police on September 24, however, officers refused to register the complaint for nearly a week.

The culprits have been threatening to kill us and they have warned us that if we go to the police, they will kill us,” Pastor Mangala told police in his written complaint as reported by Morning Star News. “In the future if I or my family members are attacked, these people named in the complaint should be held responsible.

Instead of assisting the assailed pastor and his family, police accepted a complaint by one of Pastor Mangala’s assailants. In this complaint, the assailant falsely charged the pastor was desecrating a Hindu temple and assault. To exacerbate the situation, police officials reported the accusations to local media, driving the Christian family into hiding.

To counter these false accusations, Pastor Mangala has submitted footage from a CCTV camera that captured the entire assault. He hopes this will push the police to take action. However, despite police accepting finally his complaint, little action has been taken to bring Pastor Mangala’s assailants to justice.

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