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10/04/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Khudar is a Christian father and husband living in Qeraqosh, a pre­dominantly Christian city located in the Nineveh Plains of Iraq. In 2014, ISIS attacked the city, displacing thousands of Christians who were forced to flee their homes and struggle to find new sources of income elsewhere. Following the defeat of ISIS in 2017, many Christians are beginning to return home to Qeraqosh.

Khudar, a licensed operator of his own medical laboratory before the displacement, lost his lab during the ISIS occupation, along with all of the materials in the lab. Although they were able to return to their home in Qeraqosh, Khudar and his family of five had no steady source of income.

ICC stepped in to provide the proper tools for Khudar to rebuild his lab, including an incubator, a refrigerator, and a micropipette. Khudar was thankful for the support, while reflecting on the lasting impact that ISIS had on the region. He said, “It is good to have the lab starting again; friends and parents here in Qeraqosh cannot be replaced.”

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