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10/03/2019 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – As Egypt undergoes a period of political protests, the Muslim Brotherhood has expressed a desire to gain an advantage and has issued several warnings of upcoming attacks against Christians.

Ali Batehk, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who currently resides in exile in Turkey, released an audio recording which stated, “we will get the presidency of Egypt again. Also we will prepare something for targeting the churches and monasteries. So please our Muslim Brotherhood leaders, don’t get close to churches or monasteries in this Friday, 27 Sept. We are preparing something that will get the Christians on fire.”

However, this week, an independent but Saudi owned news source reported new instructions were released by the Muslim Brotherhood following a failure to mobilize the protests in their favor. The report said, “The Muslim Brotherhood has new instructions, which are keeping away from Egypt because of their failed plan. They will work in other countries.”

It is unclear what role the Muslim Brotherhood currently has in the ongoing protests in Egypt. Whatever their political agenda, the Brotherhood’s Islamist agenda has always remained constant. As a result, Christians in Egypt have suffered heavily under the Brotherhood.

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