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10/02/2019 Mali (International Christian Concern) – Heavily armed extremists attacked two bases in Mali along the border with Burkina Faso. During these attacks which took place on Monday, Sept 30, 25 Malian soldiers were killed. Another 60 soldiers are still missing due to the attacks, which overran the bases. The battle continued into Tuesday, when the Malian forces alongside Burkinabe forces were able to retake the town of Boulikessi.

The government of Mali has stated that they believe these assailants to be part of Ansarul al-Islam, a large jihadist organization that was created in early 2016. Since their creation, the terrorists have caused mayhem and devastation throughout the Sahel region, but mostly in Mali and Northern Burkina Faso.

This large attack is a major cause for concern as attacks on Christians in Northern Burkina Faso have become much more prevalent and violent in 2019. This shows that this group and others like it have the power and capabilities to effectively fight the Malian army and their allies in the region. These types of attacks cause many people to become displaced and cause terror to spread through whole regions. Please pray for the families of those killed and missing. Also pray for the Malian government to have wisdom and the ability to defeat these terrible groups. Finally, pray for our brothers and sisters who are often targeted in this region for their faith in Christ.

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