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09/24/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – A few days ago, on September 19, a Hindu radical by the name of Buddhadev Nayak was caught and arrested after fleeing from the law for the past 20 years. He was charged over his involvement in the murder of an Australian pastor and his two young children in 1999.

The infamous murder of Graham Stuart Staines and his sons is often seen as the start of recent persecution in India. Late at night on January 22, 1999 a travelling Australian missionary was sleeping in his station wagon after long day in the State of Orissa. With him were his two young sons, Timothy and Philip, ages six and ten respectively. As they slept, their car was quietly surrounded by a group of militant Hindu Nationalists armed with various implements, and set the vehicle ablaze. That evening, the three trapped in the burning automobile met their savior.

While some members present during the attack were arrested and convicted of the murders, including the group’s ringleader, Dara Singh, arrested in 2003 who is presently serving a life sentence in federal prison, several of them remained at large. Mr. Buddhadev Nayak, one such man with many ties to the incident and Mr. Singh, has finally been arrested and is currently being processed by the Indian legal system. Nayak’s involvement also confirms the involvement of Hindu militant organizations.

This pursuit of justice, even after so long, is sending a strong, clear message to other Hindu nationalists of similar mindsets. Please pray for the pursuit of justice and the wellbeing of our brethren in Christ in Greater India.

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