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09/24/2019 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  An Egyptian Christian woman, Marina Sami Rageb, was attacked with bricks as she was leaving church, according to local news. The 21-year-old medical student in Alexandria is currently suffering from a skull fracture and hemorrhage. No other details about her attacker or her condition is known.

This type of incident, unfortunately, is common place in Egypt. Christian women are not religiously compelled to cover their hair, but are constantly pressured to do so by their Muslim peers. Uncovered women are frequently targeted for harassment, and even attacks. This underlying threat greatly impacts their ability to walk freely in Egypt and to choose their clothing preference.

Says one woman, “In Egypt, there are a lot of security threats in the streets. But I always avoid walking in the radical Muslim districts or areas, just preferring the main streets.”

“I always wear long clothes,” explained another Christian woman. “In the streets, I always avoided dealing with the extremists or the radical Muslims. In my workplace, I deal with many Muslim women who wear hijab… just wear loose clothing, and everything will be okay.”

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