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09/23/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  This past Thursday, the European Parliament passed a resolution which called on Iran to “amend the national-security crime laws.”  The resolution also expressed concern that there is no accountability built into the judicial system. It also noted that prisoners are routinely denied medical care and subjected to inhuman and degrading conditions.

Iran’s national security laws are regularly used to prosecute Christians because of their faith practice. The government and legal system of Iran is intricately tied into, and dependent, upon Islam. Consequently, non-Islamic religious beliefs are viewed as an inherent threat to Iran’s national security.

Persecution against Christians has specifically increased in recent years, as the government finds itself in an increasingly unstable position. The people of Iran are angry and upset at their government, and protesting is commonplace. Because the government is equated with Islam, many Iranians are turning away from this religion, which was assigned at birth. This has opened the door for a growth of Christianity, which in turn has the government worried that their power over the souls of Iranians is waning.

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