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Burkina Faso Christians Told to “Convert or Flee”

09/23/2019 Burkina Faso (International Christian Concern) – Aid to the Church in Need has reported that nearly two thousand Christians have had to flee their homes and villages over the last month in Northern Burkina Faso. These two villages are Hitté and Rounga. According to the charity group, these two villages were infiltrated by Islamic extremists who then told them that they would have to either convert to Islam or leave their homes.

According to one local, “At the beginning of September, 16 men arrived in the village (Hitté), intercepting the villagers who were returning from the fields.” After intercepting these villagers, they rounded up all of the Christians in the village and forced them into the local church building. “Some of the men forced the people to enter the church where they threatened the Christians and ordered them to leave their homes in the next three days, while others set fire to whatever they found in their path.”

This is only one of many attacks that have taken place in Burkina Faso over the past year. As Islamic extremists continue to move from Mali to Burkina Faso, more Christians have had to flee their homes. The rise of extremism and jihad in the Sahel has caused mass migration and displacement of people from multiple countries including Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria. Please continue to pray for the people of West Africa who are suffering in great number at the hands of those who hate Christ.

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