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09/18/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – This past week, Sudan’s new transitional failed its first test of democracy. Protests continued last Thursday as thousands of Sudanese called for called for an independent judiciary and justice for protesters who have been killed since December 2018. These protestors were met by police and government officials who beat them with batons and shot tear gas into the crowds. Many people were injured in the most recent crackdown on peaceful protests.

Despite the good signs that have come from the country, Sudan must work much harder to prove that it truly wants to become a free nation. The right to peacefully assemble and to protest are essential rights of the people in any country. They must have the ability to collectively announce their complaints and issues with the government. When people are denied these rights, the government is then becoming authoritarian and repressive.

The new government in Sudan must quickly ensure that its people have the basic rights of Speech, Press and Religion if they wish to show the world that they are no longer following the ways of their previous regime. They must stop using excessive force to quell peaceful protests that their citizens have a right to hold. Please pray for the protestors in Sudan whose bravery and blood have brought them so far in less than a year. Pray that they continue to have the courage and fortitude to stand up to the bullying of their government and detractors without becoming violent or riotous.

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