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09/16/2019 Turkey (International Christian Concern) –  A new study conducted by the Hrant Dink Foundation regarding hate speech in the Turkish media during the year 2018 shows that Jews and Armenian (Christians) are the two most frequent targets. They were followed by Syrians, Greeks, and other Christian groups.

The report shows 6,517 hate speech content against different groups throughout last year. There was a notable correlation between this content and controversial social events. For example, Armenians were heavily singled out as they commemorated the anniversary of their genocide on April 24th. Other Christian groups were singled out in Turkish media as a consequence of diplomatic tensions between Turkey and the U.S. over the unjust imprisonment of Pastor Andrew Brunson.

As the leading Christian group, Armenians were targeted by hate speech 973 times in the media. Turkish Greeks, who are historically often Christian, were targeted 439 times. Other Christians were targeted 370 times in the media. The government exerts strong control over the media. Turkey rates as one of the more extreme violators of free press.

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