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09/12/2019 North Korea (International Christian Concern) – A video obtained by The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), a Christian NGO that supports persecuted Christians globally, shows how the North Korean government sees Christians as spies and the state’s enemy.

In this propaganda video, the story of a female Christian evangelist, Cha Deoksun, was featured.

Cha suffered during the Great Famine in the 1990s. In search for food and help, she crossed the border into China illegally and found God at Seotap Church. She was deeply moved by the message and decided to bring the Gospel back to her country.

She secretly formed an underground church and the government allowed her to travel to different parts of the country due to her poverty (to make ends meet). During these trips, she gave money to people who were poor, lower class, or suffering. She also connected with the descendants of several prominent Korean Christians and worshipped together with them.

The video claims that these groups of underground Christians gathered every Sunday to worship, pray, sing hymns, and study the scripture—even during the busiest farming season. However, her worship was seen as anti-state activity. The video describes her as a spy seeking to recruit other spies, a typical definition of evangelism used in NK propaganda.

Eventually, Cha Deoksun was reported by “a good and awakened North Korean citizen.” VOM believes that she was either killed by firing squad or died in a gulag.

Although this North Korean government video was used to train state security agents on how to identify and silence believers inside North Korea, while discrediting practitioners of religion, it also proves that underground North Korean Christians continue to risk their lives to advance the Gospel, despite living in the state where Christians are persecuted the most.

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