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09/10/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – North Korea is arguably the most danger­ous country in the world for Christians. Extreme persecution leads the nation’s few Christians to hide their faith, for fear of imprisonment or execution.

ICC has worked tirelessly to create solu­tions to spread the Gospel and assist believ­ers suffering in North Korea. The lack of food because of economic deterioration and governmental policy led ICC to support an initiative that sends bottles of rice into North Korea by sea. During April alone, more than 1,500 bottles were sent across the border. Inside these bottles, which will provide food for people in dire situations, are USB sticks containing information about the Gospel.

Little information travels out of North Korea, and we may never have the opportu­nity to meet those who benefit. However, the program’s leader has experience with the cur­rents and knows how to ensure that the bottles will reach the shores of North Korea. In doing so, we are bringing hope to those in the most desperate of situations.

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