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09/09/2019 Somalia (International Christian Concern) – On August 28th, Kenya asked the United Nations to increase sanctions on al-Shabaab, the terrorist organization based in Somalia. This request was denied by six countries on the UN council, including Germany Belgium, Poland, France, Kuwait and the United States. Kenya has asked for these increased sanctions because of al-Shabaab continued attack across national borders into Kenya. These attacks including the Garissa Univeristy Attack where 148 students were killed, the attack on the Westgate mall where 70 people were killed and the recent attack on the Dusit 2 Hotel where 21 people were killed, have made security in Kenya hard to ensure.

Kenya had requested to have al-Shabaab added to the list of sanctions against international terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and ISIS. The six countries who blocked the addition said that if they included al-Shabaab in this list, a lot of aid aimed at helping the Somali people would no longer be allowed. This aid is much needed because of the decades long devastation that a poor economy and corrupt and inefficient government have caused. Somalia still ranks as the most failed state in the world today due to its government.

Despite not adding to al-Shabaab to the list, the UN must take stronger action against this organization that has ties to many groups on the list including al-Qaeda and ISIS. They must not be allowed to continue attack on innocent and undefended Christians in Kenya. Please pray that the group would have a change of heart and that Christians in Western Kenya and throughout Somalia would be safe.

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