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09/07/2019 Cameroon (International Christian Concern) – Suspected Fulani militants attacked the village of Wum in Northern Cameroon on August 25. During this attack, the militants killed a bible translator, Angus Fung, who had helped write a New Testament for the Aghem people, who did not have a written language before this. They also hurt Mr. Fung’s wife, Eveline, by cutting off her left hand and slashing her with machetes. Thankfully, Efi Tembon, a non-profit worker in Northern Cameroon, has confirmed that Eveline is in a stable condition. She has recovered enough to speak with others.

Mr. Tembon has said though that he does not believe that Evreline should return home to her village. The house that she was living in is now the place where she was attacked and where her husband was murdered. He is looking for a way to possibly move Eveline and her five children to Nigeria, away from the violence in Northern Cameroon.

It is believed that the attack was perpetrated by the Fulani, but directed by the government. According to Mr. Tembon, the government has been attacking farming communities who are supporting or seem to be supporting the Anglophone rebels in Northern Cameroon. Please pray for the safety of Christians in Northern Cameroon who are suffering due to the political and civil unrest there.

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