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09/06/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Over the past few days, as cogs slowly turn in the machines of Turkey’s government, an order for the deportation a Persian pastor and his family, presently seeking asylum, back to Iran is being assembled.

Pastor Ismail Falahati is a Muslim-born Christian convert, as of age 23, and has worked in Iran and Turkey for the past few years as a house church planter and self-starting missionary. He worked originally in Tehran and the surrounding area, planting private house churches and conducting clandestine services for the Christians of the local area. However, following a bust by Persian police forces and his arrest, he was subjected to over a month of genuinely torturous imprisonment by the state for his beliefs and actions.

After his imprisonment, he and his family departed Iran for Turkey. There, Ismail continued his proselytizing work and has to this day been serving the continuation of the church in the area. During this time, for over three years, Ismail has been lobbying the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for assistance in being formally granted asylum, to no success. To make matters worse, the Turkish government recently discovered his Christian background and activities and are moving to evict him from the nation.

Ismail has received a number of threats recently against himself and his family if they should return, willingly or not, to Persia.  In these trying days, Ismail warns his brothers and sisters around the globe to be as practiced and as prepared as possible to face the coming days of persecution and hardship, and to draw as close as we may to Christ in the midst of such circumstances.

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