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Nigerian Government: Leah Sharibu Alive, Negotiations Ongoing

09/04/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Only a month ago, a video was released showing 6 aid workers who had been kidnapped in Nigeria. In the video, a woman named Grace is talking about how she and the others were captured. While she is talking about the kidnapping and how they need help to be rescued, she said also that Leah and other captives of Boko Haram had been killed. This news sent waves through Christian media and Churches.

Leah Sharibu is a 15-year-old girl who, when she was kidnapped in February 2018, was given a chance to be freed. All she had to do was deny Christ as her savior and turn to Islam. Instead, she said she could not deny Christ and was kept in captivity. Since that time, many have prayed for her safety and that of her families. Despite this prayer and a lot of media attention, there was not much actual news about her health or wellness until the video with Grace was released.

After the release of this video, many groups released statements asking the world to be wary of the claim. There were many reasons to doubt the validity of the claim, including that Boko Haram said that they would not kill her, but keep her as a slave for life only a few months before this video. Thankfully, the Nigerian Government has just released a statement saying that Leah is still alive, and that they are still in negotiations for her, and many other captives, release. Please continue to pray for Leah and her family as they go through this trying time. Also pray that Leah would be a shining light into a very dark and dangerous world, that she might be able to help change this terrible organization.

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