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Social Boycott Initiated Against Christian Community in Northeastern India

08/29/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – Earlier this month, on August 10, Pastor Hemant Meher was attacked and beaten by a mob of Hindu radicals in Dalki village, located in India’s northeastern state of Odisha. Following the attack on the pastor, the radicals initiated a social boycott against the Christian community of Dalki until they either “reconverted” to Hinduism or left the village.

Speaking to International Christian Concern (ICC), Pastor Meher explained that he has been leading his ministry in the Jajpur district of Odisha for the past six years. As a part of this ministry, he regularly visited Dalki and another village to preach the Christian message. Through these efforts, several villagers in Dalki decided to convert to Christianity and stopped going to local temples and contributing to Hindu festivals.

On August 10, while returning from a prayer meeting in Dalki, members of the RSS attacked Pastor Meher. The radicals beat the pastor, who was luckily able to escape. This escape further frustrated the radicals, who then turned their rage on the local Christian community.

The radicals attacked the home of the Christian who had hosted the prayer meeting in Dalki. According to locals, the radicals “smacked them one by one and kept them in their custody for some time.

After this attack, the radicals said, “It will be good for you to re-convert to Hinduism otherwise you will be boycotted from the village. You will not even get drinking water.

The extremists have given one month for the believers to either leave Christianity or the village,” Pastor Meher recently told ICC. “They have already started boycotting them and not allowing them to take water from the village source of water.

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