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08/27/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In a village not too far away from Misari’s own, Parmata, a young Christian teenager, was attending boarding school. She didn’t think much of it when the head matron befriended her, asking her to weekly tea at her house. One day, Parmata received word from the matron that her mother died. There was a tone of urgency in her voice, as the matron urged her to get on a motorcycle with a stranger to see her mother. That was the last familiar face that Parmata would see for months. Once on the motorcycle, she grew dizzy and disoriented by drugs, she suspected, and blacked out.

When she awoke, an older woman was washing her. The four walls around her didn’t look familiar, but they were to become her home for months. She was forced to learn Arabic and her name was changed to Fatima.

Through word of mouth, Parmata’s father tracked down her location and traveled to the house. He insisted that his daughter be handed back to him, but the family refused to turn over his daughter. The family eventually conceded when he called the police. Parmata was so scared of her captors that she refused to acknowledge her father. It was only when she was taken to a private room that she burst into tears and told the police that she was being threatened to stay silent.

Parmata later found out that she was being prepared to be sold to a rich Muslim businessman. The persistence of a father resulted in Parmata’s salvation. She returned to her family, where she lives in safety now.

Like Parmata’s father, Misari pursued his daughter with a desperate love. Misari knew what Jennifer did not: her freedom under Islam was an illusion. Like Jesus chasing down the one lost sheep, Misari tracked down his young daughter and brought her home.

The Muslim family, dismayed that they had lost a convert and wife for their son, rallied a mob and chased Misari down. When they arrived at his home, they beat down his door. Misari was able to escape through a window. When he turned around to try to bring his daughter with him, he realized with a broken heart that she had already run into the arms of her new Muslim family.

Today, Misari’s heart is not at rest; he yearns for his daughter to be back in the safety of her real home, where she will not be indoctrinated with Islam, a religion that discards girls and treats them like second-class citizens.

Misari waits for another opportunity to reclaim his young daughter, but it is now too dangerous for him to even live in his own home. ICC is providing funding for him to stay in a safe location until he can rejoin his family and, Lord-willing, be reunited with his beloved lost sheep.

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