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08/27/2019 Yemen (International Christian Concern) –  Msgr. Paul Hinder, apostolic vicar of Southern Arabia, has recently spoken out to AsiaNews about how he is waiting to return to Yemen after years of absence due to the conflict. The civil war has driven most Christians out of the country.

The Yemen conflict has its roots in the Arab Spring and is the consequence of a failed political transition in 2011. However, the start of the civil war officially dates to March 2015, when the president was forced to flee abroad. Msg. Hinder last set foot in Yemen just a few months prior. Several other priests serving in Yemen have since had to flee the country.

While a small handful of church leaders remain in Yemen, the conflict has taken a significant toll on the already struggling Christian presence. Recently, the conflict entered a new stage. The Sana’a region appears calm whereas battles have reignited in the south. The violence in Yemen has led the United Nations to call it the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. It is estimated that less than a few thousand Christians live in Yemen. Converts to Christianity are especially at risk.

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