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08/25/2019 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Syria’s army is in the early stages of implementing a choking siege on villages in Hama Province. On the one hand, this tactic appears to be shifting geopolitical alliances on the ground. On the other hand, this tactic increases pressure on the neighboring Idlib Province, which has become both one of the largest concentration of terrorists in the world while also purporting to be a safe haven for internally displaced persons.

While most Christians fled Syria during the early stages of the civil war, there are certain areas where some remain. Hama is one such place, where there are some villages that have remained throughout the conflict. However, since Idlib was supposed to be a safe zone, it is also possible to find Christians in this province.

The harshness of the civil war has divided Syrians across multiple sectors, including religion. Some Christians fight in support of the regime, saying that although the regime did not necessarily protect their religious freedom, the regime at least was not ISIS. Other Christians see no difference. Regardless, as the fighting intensifies, it is important to keep Syrians in prayer and that all sides work towards a speedy resolution for the conflict.

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