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08/23/2019 Eritrea (International Christian Concern) – Eritrea, one of the world’s worst violators of Human Rights, has again clamped down on Christians in their country. Since 23 June, more than 150 Christians have been rounded up and thrown into prisons that are inhumane and unsanitary.

As documented by World Watch Monitor, the first arrest took place on 23 June in the city of Keren. Eritrean security officials arrested 70 members of the Faith Mission Church of Christ, of which, 35 were women and 10 were children. These Christians were then taken to the Ashufera Prison, which is a prison made of underground tunnels.

These Christians and thousands like them, are being held without charges; their only crime typically is gathering to worship without government approval. This is due to the paranoia and insanity of the president of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, who has been running the country since they gained independence in 1991. Anytime people are found to be gathering without government consent, they are arrested as conspirators and traitors, because the government believes that the West is trying to destroy their culture. This is especially true for Christians, who they see as western spies.

The second set of arrests took place just this past Sunday, 18 August, when the security officials arrested another 80 Christians in Godayef. These Christians were taken to the local police station and have been held since then.

The situation in Eritrea is truly desperate for those who wish to praise Christ. The Country has earned the name of the “North Korea of Africa” due to its extreme isolation for decades and its complete lack of regard for human rights. Open Doors World Watch List ranks Eritrea as the 7th harshest place for Christian to live in the world today. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Eritrea who continue to suffer daily for their faith.

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