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08/22/2019 China (International Christian Concern) – On August 19, Xingguang Church in China’s southern city Xiamen was raided by the police and urban management personnel. Church members were banned from taking photos or videos of the “investigation.”

Church members told China Aid that several urban management personnel, under the guidance of local police, forced themselves in one of the church’s gathering places, which was going through renovation work.

When the members asked them to show their IDs and search warrant, they were unable to show any. Instead, they started to search and measure the church. A member’s cellphone was broken by them in the process.

This was the second time that these local authorities have raided the church illegally. Given that this place is a private residence, purchased by members of the church, the members questioned the authorities’ motive and attempted to film them. In response, the police claimed that this venue is a public place, and they had the right to “enforce the law.”

The police also covered the identification numbers on their uniform. One urban management official told the members, “Don’t mind who we are, we are just enforcing the law. Do not block us!”

The preacher of this church, Yu Sang, is vocal on social media, advocating religious freedom and speaking up for persecuted Christians in China, especially Sichuan’s Early Rain Covenant Church.

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