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Another Priest in Southern Nigeria Attacked on Highway, Barely Escaped

08/20/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – On Thursday 15 August, gunmen, believed to be Fulani militants, ambushed another Roman Catholic priest, Rev. Chimezie Ani, near Caritas University, a Catholic university in Amorji-Nike, Enugu State. He told MorningStar news that as he was driving, gunmen jumped from the bushes and started shooting at his vehicle. They shot through his windshield and hit several other parts of the car. However, right when these men exited the bushes, Rev. Ani was able to quickly stop the car and reverse away from the attackers. Due to his quick actions, he was able to drive away safely. The Father is sure that these men are Fulani militants, however, no one has been arrested and there is no other evidence.

This attack is just another sign that insecurity is rampant across Nigeria. The Nigerian government has been unable to stop these types of open attacks. They take place throughout many of the states and affect thousands of people. Despite this the most the government has done is to establish roadblocks and check points near cities, and verbally condemn these types of attacks. With attack often taking place in the same areas, it again shows that either the Nigerian government in completely inept in protecting their people, or they are allowing it to happen.

Less than 75 miles from where Rev. Ani was attacked, another priest was killed just over two weeks ago. This priest and one of his parishioners, Rev. Paul Offu and Kenneth Igwe, were both killed as they were travelling along the highway as well. Mr. Igwe was actually dragged from the car and hidden in the bushes near the roadside as well. These attacks must stop and the Nigerian government must hold those accountable who commit such atrocities.

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