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08/18/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – On August 11, National Minorities Day in Pakistan, Pakistani Christians appealed to not be defined as a minority. Christian leaders claimed that being labeled as a minority has placed their community at a disadvantage. The also claim that this label has caused their community to be viewed as a foreign entity by the Muslim-majority population.

Speaking to Asia News, Archbishop Sebastian Shaw said, “Minority is not a good word. We Christians played an equal role in the creation, defense, welfare and development of Pakistan. [However], our contributions are not part of the [history] syllabus.

We [Christians] feel degraded being called a minority,” Fr. James Channan, Regional Coordinator of the United Religions Initiative Pakistan, told Asia News. “Jinnah wanted a secular country where all enjoy equal rights.

Christian leaders claimed that being labeled a minority has caused the Muslim-majority population of Pakistan to perceive Christians as foreign. In fact, history teaches that Christians played an important role in both the founding of Pakistan and its development. Will this change in labels help turn the tide of discrimination and persecution Pakistani Christians experience on a daily basis?

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