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08/17/2019 Somalia (International Christian Concern) – A Christian woman (name not given for security) in Kenya was beaten and thrown out of her home by her husband when he found she had hidden a Bible in the house. This lady, according to MorningStar News, comes from Somaliland, in the city of Burao. She had become a Christian in 2016, when a local pastor of an underground church had explained the Gospel to her. She has hidden her new faith ever since.

However, when she and her husband travelled to Kenya this past June, she found a Somali translated copy of a Bible and kept it for herself, as she had never been able to own one before. She then brought it home after the end of the trip. This is how her husband found the Bible in a drawer that she usually kept locked.

After finding it, her husband divorced her and told her that she was never to see her children, two daughters, again. In Somalia, women have very few rights, especially divorced women. The husband then told her family that she had become a Christian. Her brother then beat her and will not give her any support either. This has made life hard for this young mother and Christian. She is currently living in a new town, but is in need of help. Please pray that women like her are able to find peace and security, and that her faith will not be shaken.

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