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Iran Institutes “Cleansing Procedure”

08/17/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Iran has announced a “cleansing procedure” within its judiciary system, which is dominated by hardline conservative Islamists. This refers to widespread corruption within the department and follows on the heels of several major changes made this year to judicial leadership.

Already, a number of players within the judiciary have faced reassignment. This cleansing process is closely tied to financial corruption within the department, not their rampant practice of abusing human rights and ignoring due process of law.

Iranian Christians are constantly thrust within the judicial process on baseless political charges ranging from violating national security to engaging in propaganda against the state. Iran’s government system encourages judges to thwart justice, and even rewards such behaviors.

As the judges now come under even more pressure to demonstrate good performance, there is concern that Christians may come under even heavier fire while in the court room.

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