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08/16/2019 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  A terrorist attack earlier this month which targeted a cancer institute in Cairo shocked many Egyptians, and has drawn national condemnation. The attacked killed at least 20 and injured 47 others.

Christians, however, have expressed disappointment in the media’s reporting of the situation. For example, on August 8th, the TV program Akher al-Nahar made several comments about the terrorist attack. The interviewer, Tamer Amin, complained that when terrorists set out to kill infidels, they are also killing Muslims. Christians are worried that these kinds of comments justifies and encourages extremists to target Christians for acts of violence.

Egyptian Christians have frequently voiced frustration that they are not included as having equal value as Muslim citizens. It is worth noting that the free press is increasingly nonexistent in Egypt. Although the government has made symbolic gestures towards Christians, words spoken in the national arena do little to foster a sense of community inclusion.

In the case of this particular terrorist attack, Christians wonder, if they had died, would anyone have cared?

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