ICC Rescues Christian Farmer Following Arson Attack

08/15/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In August, Izak saw his neighbor running toward him, shouting that his barn was on fire. Izak was a livestock farmer, and his barn was full of his animals, which provided a stable income for his family. All of the animals were killed and the barn was destroyed by the fire that afternoon. After the fire, traces of gasoline were found on the ground and on the bodies of the animals, and the fire was traced to a group of hardline Muslims who were actively attacking Christian farmers in the area.

Izak lost six sheep, one pregnant cow, and one calf that day, which was his entire source of income for his family.

ICC purchased two cows, three sheep, one lamb, and 12 sacks of fodder and hay in order to support Izak as he rebuilds his farm and provides for his family.

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