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08/14/2019 China (International Christian Concern) – House churches across China continue to be harassed by the government during their activities. On August 11, a house church in Yunnan province was raided by the authorities during service. Churchgoers’ cell phones were confiscated and names of members recorded, before they were asked to sign a statement promising that they would never come to this church again.

A Christian who was present told China Aid that there were around 100 people in attendance when she joined the service. Not long after the service was over, dozens of people suddenly raided the church, claiming to be government staff who were implementing the law. They asked that no one leaves and their cell phones had to be turned off, before the officials took them away.

From 11:30 am to 2 pm, they were blocked from leaving the church. All the members were however cooperative. Finally, they were asked to sign an admonishment provided by the officials, for their gathering is “illegal,” before they could return home.

The admonishment quoted revised Regulations on Religious Affairs that was published in February 2018 and labeled the Sunday service attendance of Christians “against the regulations.” The Dali City Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau requested that the church to conduct their activities pursuant to law, or else the Bureau will deal with them accordingly.

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